MSC Apex

Unified CAE environment for virtual product development
A CAE-specific direct modeling and meshing solution, including fully-integrated and generative structural analysis capabilities for engineers and analysts.

MSC Apex Modeler

MSC Apex Modeler is a CAE direct modelling and meshing solution that streamlines CAD clean-up and meshing workflows.

◦  Direct Modeling and Meshing - For models that have already been meshed and require further geometry modification, use any of the Direct Modeling or Geometry Clean-up/Repair tools and the mesh will be immediately regenerated.
◦  Easy to Use, Easy to Learn - MSC Apex was designed to have multi-purpose tools so as to make the application easy to use. It also features numerous learning aids such as tutorials, video based documentation, workflow and at-mouse instructions which promotes single day productivity.

MSC Apex Structures

MSC Apex structures packages a user interface for scenario definition and results post-processing, as well as integrated solver methods.