Raon X Solutions provides specialized consulting services in diverse industries including automotive,
aerospace, defense, general machinery, shipbuilding, and offshore. From NVH analysis in vehicle
development to component analysis for aircraft and satellites, radar and launcher development for
defense, structural strength analysis for ships and marine structures, and automation system
development, we leverage our exceptional expertise to fulfill various client demands. Our commitment
to excellence enables us to meet and exceed client expectations while delivering top-tier consulting
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Vehicle Development NVH Analysis

Chassis NVH Analysis (Structural Rigidity Analysis, IPI/DPDS, ERP, ETC)
Full Vehicle NVH Analysis (Road Noise Analysis, Idling Vibration/Noise, Acceleration Boom, Impact Boom, Low-Frequency Vibration, WHEEL SHAKE, ETC)

NVH Research and Development Analysis

Various NVH Analysis Techniques (TPA, ODS, PCA, FBS, ERP, Correlation Analysis, Modal Model, and Reduced Model Techniques)
Performance Prediction Using Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning) Techniques
Various Preceding Analysis Tasks and Test-Analysis Correlation Studies

Durability and Strength Analysis

Chassis Durability and Strength Analysis (Structural Rigidity, Extreme Load Cases, Panel Stiffness, etc.)
MOVING-Type Analysis (Stiffness & Strength, Modal Analysis, Oil Canning, Slamming, Sagging, ETC)
Chassis Component Durability and Strength Analysis (Extreme Load Cases)
Radiator Grille Impact Analysis

Aircraft Component Analysis

Application and Analysis of Composite Material Modeling Techniques
POD/Suspension Shock Analysis, Structural Analysis, Buckling Analysis
Aircraft Avionics Vibration, Random Analysis, Attachment Stability Analysis
Composite Laminate Strength Analysis
Guided Weapon Vibration and Flutter Analysis, Vibration Test Correlation Analysis
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Ducted Fan Structural Analysis, Rotating Body Vibration Analysis, Excessive Response Analysis

Artificial Satellite Analysis

Satellite Structure (Composite) Random Analysis, Strength Analysis
Electronics Equipment Vibration, Random Analysis, Attachment Stability Analysis
PCB Board Vibration, Impact Stability Analysis
Air Conditioning Jittering Analysis, Compressor Pipe Relative Displacement Analysis
Thermal Analysis and Humidity Analysis, Buckling Analysis

Tank and Submarine Interior Noise Analysis

Development of Noise Analysis Models for 8-Wheel Independent Drive Suspension, Tank, and Submarine
Engine and Propulsion Noise Analysis
Application of Automotive Interior Noise Analysis Techniques (TPA, ODS, PCA)
Proposing Solutions for Noise and Vibration Reduction

Radar, Launch System Development Analysis

Structural and Test Equipment Analysis for L-SAM (Long-Range Surface-to-Air Missile), Test Correlation Analysis
Development Analysis of Radar Equipment for Automotive, Naval, and Aviation Applications
Modeling of Composite Material and Drive Mechanism Combined Mechanical Equipment
Strength Analysis Incorporating Aerodynamic Analysis Results
Guided Missile Launcher Strength, Shock, Acceleration, Vibration, and Behavior Analysis
Suspension System Strength and Durability Analysis

Analysis of MIL-STD-810 Environmental Testing

Vibration, Acceleration, Shock, Random Vibration, and Launch Impact/Noise Analysis in accordance with MIL-STD-810

Non-linear Analysis

Virtual Testing of Tractor Protective Structures
Structural Analysis of Horticultural Specialized Facility for Inherent Hazards
Analysis of Impact from Airdropped Protective Cases for Aircraft
Analysis of Impact from Freefall on Automotive Grilles
Welding Analysis of Automotive Battery Casing

High-Speed Rail Inverter Vibration Durability Analysis

Detailed Durability Modeling for Electrical Components
Acceleration Load Analysis
Frequency Response Analysis
Vibration Durability Assessment and Improvement for Inverters

Substation, Electronic Equipment Seismic Analysis

Seismic Analysis According to KEPCO Standards for Substations
Seismic Analysis for Electrical Equipment such as UPS

Structure and Rudder System Design and More

Structure design, Modeling and Analysis
Rudder System Design and Development
Rudder CFD and Structural Analysis
Other mechanical device design
Other mecDevelopment of rudder calculation programhanical device design

Ship Analysis Model Construction

Wiring Structural Analysis Model
Local Detail Modeling
Outfitting Modeling

Hull Structural Strength Analysis

Cargo Hold Structural Strength Analysis
Local Areas to be Assessed by Fine Mesh Analysis
Block Lifting / Turnover Analysis
Outfitting Strength Analysis

Wire Vibration Analysis and More

Wire Vibration Modeling and Analysis
Sloshing Analysis
Fatigue Crack Propagation Analysis for Ship Reinforcement Structures
Thermal Analysis, Impact Analysis