Simulating manufacturing
Forming simulation, welding simulation and simulation of metal-based additive manufacturing processes

Simufact software solutions allow you to simulate a wide range of forming, joining processes, as well as metal-based additive manufacturing processes to optimise manufacturing processes, reduce costs and time-to-market, while improving product quality.

The Simufact software solutions are divided into three product lines that have been developed for the specific requirements of each individual processes: Simufact Forming, Simufact Welding and Simufact Additive.

Simufact Forming

◦  Cold Forming
◦  Hot Forging
◦  Sheet Metal Forming
◦  Rolling
◦  Ring Rolling
◦  Open Die Forging
◦  Heat Treatment
◦  Mechanical Joining
◦  Pressure Welding

Simufact Welding

◦  arc welding
◦  laser beam welding
◦  electron beam welding
◦  brazing, resistance spot welding
◦  model the heat treatment
◦  DED(Direct Energy Deposition) 해석
◦  different variants of cooling
◦  stress relieving

Simufact Additive

◦  Analysis of Additive Manufacturing (Build-up) Processes
◦  Analysis of Support Cutting and Removal Processes
◦  Heat Treatment Analysis
◦  Analysis of Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) Processes
◦  Analysis of Metal Binder Jetting – Sintering Processes